The Seven Void Spawn

The Butcher of Lodrian
By the hand of Penelopy

I don't know what to write in this book that Maren gave me. she told me I had to write here but I don't like to write. I like to draw. Every time I try to draw something I can only draw the boy who killed my ma and da. She says we are going to be leaving Gloomsdeep soon. She says she can take me somewhere where the boy can't follow me in my dreams.                                            

                    Maren is such a nice lady. I thought that she was trying to get me too when she pulled me out from under my dead mom back at my house in Lodrian. She looked so scared. She looked even more scared when we were passing through Lodhold on the way to her house in Gloomsdeep and I told her about how the boy that killed everyone was following us and that every time she would look he would disappear.

                I can see Maren coming toward the house, with a bunch of men. Jaraal, her husband, almost has everything from their house loaded into a wagon pulled by Pepa, my donkey friend. They are here talking now. It sounds like they are coming too. The people outside are panicked. they are starting to flee. I think we are leaving too. 

                  We have been traveling all day. I just want to get out of this stupid cart and run around. I keep telling Maren I want to stop. I wish my ma were here, she would have stopped when I asked to stop. There is a farm up the road! I bet there are horses there! maybe I can pet them!

                 Maren says that the men traveling with us don't want us to go near farm house or the barn. We are going to sleep in this field with bloodpokes trying to land silently on me in droves to take my blood. I am pretty tired I am going to go to sleep now.

                Last night I had a weird dream. The entire thing was like I was looking through a piece of amber, everything looked orange and cracked. I dreamed that I was watching myself sleep, guarded by the men with us who were taking turns sleeping. I watched a purple mist swirl around me from where I watched and head toward the farm house. I heard myself crying, only it wasn't myself. one of the men ran toward the noise. I was suddenly around the wall of the farmhouse when only moments earlier I was somewhere else. I could see a glowing outline running toward me. I raised a club made of a skull and blades. The Idea of mother and a mix of emotions flooded through me or this version of me. The glowing outline was almost to me. I waited for him to round the corner, ready to strike, shouting from where everyone was camped arose and the glowing outline stopped in is tracks.

                  I woke up to everyone shouting at one of the men who accompanied us to come back. I think… I think when I sleep I see what the boy is doing. We are going to leave pretty quickly in the morning. I don't want to go back to sleep.

                He doesn't want the others. He wants me. Three wolves came running over the hill toward the wagon. everyone ran up the hill to fight them. I was alone in the cart watching anxiously as they fought. something suddenly cast shade on my face I turned my head to see the boy standing over me. He raised up…. Mother… and I thought I was going to die. Two of the men noticed The boy was startled at the magic attempted against him and he vanished leaving a trail of violet mist behind Jaraal has run off into the thicket. one of the men has taken off after him. One of the men named Bungie rescued me. I like Bungie. I want him to stay close I want him to be my brother.

           To Be Continued…


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